Friday, December 10, 2004

Senator Norm Coleman, Republican tool par excellence

Senator Coleman, it should be noted, beat former Vice President Walter Mondale in an election to succeed Senator Paul Wellstone after Wellstone was killed in an airplane accident

Senator Coleman, thus far has been more of an embarassment than an asset to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Seems ol Norm last week called for the resignation of Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN, over the Oil for food scandal currently being investigated by the Volcker Commission. Norm got 5 US representatives to join him in his denunciation, one of whom said Mr. Annan should be jailed immediately (so much for innocent until proven guilty, eh?). Of course, no mention of the fact that one of the biggest corporations to profit under the Oil for Food program was Halliburton. But never mind.

Yesterday came word from the Bush Administration throughthe mouth of former Missouri Senator John Danforth (who's mostfamous act prior to this was shepherding the nomination of that horrid US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas through the Senate back in '91). Danforth is the US Ambassador to the UN. Here is what Danforth had to say to Reuters:

"We are expressing confidence in the secretary-general and his continuing
in office," Danforth said, "No one to my knowledge has cast doubt on the
personal integrity of the secretary-general. No one."

"We are not suggesting or pushing for the resignation of
the secretary-general," said Danforth, adding that he was speaking forthe White
House and the State Department.

Sen. Coleman has just had his rear end carved up and handed to him by his own Administration. He is considered to be, by Danforth's words: "No one." Coleman has demonstrated how easily he is bought by his party. Wellstone, it should be remembered, had the principles and the guts to stand up to everyone, including his own party. Let us hope that Minnesota voters throw this bastard out.

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ValE22 said...

I am a graduate of Hofstra University (class of 1972), so of course I knew Norman Coleman, one of the leading student radicals. I even ran into him at the Paradiso club in Amsterdam in the summer of 1972. This place was a hotbed of legal drug-dealing - no one went there who didn't want to get wasted. Hope Norm had a nice trip -I sure did!
When I read he had been elected to the Senate to fill Paul Wellstone's place on a right-to life platform, I thought it had to be someone else with the same name. One look at his picture showed that it was indeed Norman Coleman from Hofstra. He didn't have the greasy shoulder-length hair any more, but otherwise, he looked about the same!
No wonder this putz had to go to Minnesota to pursue his political ambitions! His act would never have flown in New York, where there are too many people who "knew him when." This hippie-turned neocon is a total opportunist. He's as phony as his smile, which I understand has been extensively reconstructed. People of Minnesota, please get this a****** out!