Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Does Focus on the Family promote hatred of gays?

I'm having a debate w/ a fellow who is generally a nice guy, but sometimes I think that he is too nice for his and other's own good. I posited that Focus on the Family, James Dobson's born again outfit, promotes hatred of homosexuality. He doesn't think Focus on the Family promotes hatred of homosexuality because they don't advocate killing gays.

Frankly I think there are different ways of promoting hatred of homosexuality and not all involve urging that gays be killed.

He thinks this is just way too sensitive.

So does anyone have any better info on what the real agenda is for Focus on the Family and homosexuality? Am I, rational person that I think I am, being too sensitive?

I DON"T THINK SO. But, please let me be the first to offer you a platform to sound off on this issue.


Brenda said...

Dobson hates queers.

moe99 said...

Thanks Brenda. Patrick Nielsen Hayden also seems to think the same, though he focuses on the savage child rearing practices Dobson propounds. The comments to his post are very enlightening.



Anonymous said...

I've been doing a lot of reading on Dobson recently and it is gross. Here's a few factoids.

1) Dobson was brutalized by his mother as a child.

2) Dobson is not an ordained minister.

3) (which has special resonance for me the mom of 2 miniature dachshunds) Dobson has a dog, a dachshund which he professes to love, but whom he has named Sigmund, after Freud--a man he says he hates. Dobson has written about how he has beaten his dog w/ a belt for minor infractions. As the owner/mother to to two miniature dachshunds, I am in despair/rage over this.

And here's one conclusion of mine. dobson has subsumed his repressed sexuality and focused it into beating (literally and figuratively) those that are weaker, both physically and socially, than he is. In that way he can make himself be the strong virile man of his fantasies. And to have an adoring audience agreeing with him must simply exponentially increase his psychic orgasms. He is a very sick man.

Brenda said...

I was traveling in E. WA. ast week and caught a broadcast with two guys discussing a letter from a woman whose hubby liked porn. Guy #1 said that she should pay attention to his urges and "make herself available" to him at the appropriate moment (a practical solution, I thought), while Guy #2 said that hubby had committed adultery with the women in the porn and that she should leave him.

And Guy #2 was none other than Old Dobson.

MandT said...

That's not the half of it Brenda. What kinda sicko hates sponges. Poor Sponge Bob and Pinky the starfish are still hiding out in Canada. They don't want to part of the shower implements in Dobson's gay Auschwitz. M