Monday, September 19, 2005

Christine Gregoire, no backbone on 912

The governor of the state of Washington is spending this week trying to drum up business in Asia, the biggest creditor of the US. But regardless, it is incredible, that given all the suffering caused in the past two weeks by Katrina in New Orleans, not a peep has emerged from her administration concerning Intiative 912. I912 would repeal the tax on gasoline imposed by the state legislature this past spring. Its purpose is to fund critical transportation construction in this state. Such projects as replacing the 520 bridge and redoing or redirecting the Alaskan Way viaduct would be addressed by this tax on gasoline. However, the Mugwumps of Washington politics are attempting to remove this tax via initiative.

And what has the good gov done about this?

Absolutely nothing. No word to inspire those who think govt is responsible for the safety of its citizens and this tax is essential to maintaining our safety. No word to support I912 either.

Update 9/20/05: the Survey USA governors' rankings have come out and our Ms. Gregoire has dropped in her approval rating to 45%. She ranks 38th out of 50. I predict the trend to continue if she does not get a backbone.

It is time for the woman to shit or get off the pot. I sure as hell hope that with this wiffly a record, she gives up running again. Or the Repugs will eat her lunch next time around. Perhaps that is what is stalling her: fear of them. Let me give her a bit of advice--you never govern from fear and you NEVER let them know you are afraid.

What a wuss.


Anonymous Law Student said...

I completely agree. The idea of taxes has been connected to the idea of pure evil. The truth, of course, is far from that. Without taxes, we lose basic services. The rich don't care because they can afford everything on their own, but the rest of us can't. We can either pay another 2 cents a gallon, or we can have shitty roads that ruin cars. We pay either way.

moe99 said...

Not just ruin you car with shitty roads, but ruin your car's engine as it overheats idling on I-5 because the Alaskan Way viaduct has fallen and there's only one major north/south thru way in Seattle now.

It gives me no joy to be a Cassandra on this