Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sometime in the '90s, I recall watching a tv movie about the ill-fated Antarctic expedition of Robert Falcon Scott. He was a famed English explorer who decided to rely on horses, not dogs to reach the South Pole in 1913. Big mistake. And he and his party made it to the South Pole, only to discover that Norwegian, Roald Amundsen, had beat him there.

Scott and all who went with him perished on the return trip. What made an impression on me was the penultimate scene with Scott in the explorers' tent, his comrades gone, writing furiously, his last letters to friends and family.

The urge not to be forgotten is strong, isn't it?

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Leslie Allen said...

Your thoughts are so poignant, on point, and heart-rendering. Thank you so much for sharing with us. We, your friends from near and far, feel so helpless--want to be with you to do something, anything!! And it helps (comforts us), this gift of yours--that you share your thoughts and feelings with us. Thank you Regina.