Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Group Health cancelled my appointment today

I got a call on my cell phone at noon today as I was meeting a friend for lunch downtown. I let it roll into my answering machine once I determined that it was Group Health because I thought, "I bet they are cancelling my appointment." Sure enough that was the message on my phone. Apparently they had a power outage that caused them to cancel ALL outpatient visits today. No rescheduling at at all.

I contacted my daughter and told her to handle it for me. She called and the rescheduled appointment is set for tomorrow at 3. No sense of urgency here. No sense of real care. They used to call Boeing the "Lazy B Ranch." I've also heard Group Health referred to unflatteringly as "Group Death." I used to protest about that. Now, maybe, not so much.


Anonymous said...

Tell them to get their fu^^ing shit together or all your friends will come and kick their asses.

Donna Fisher

Deborah said...

Here, here! I'm lacing up my boots now!!

odp said...


Amy Delaney said...

I read your post then opened my mail. We have been switched to a group health managed plan for 2010 -- our first experience with GH. All 3 cards for the kids had their names misspelled - Jacdo and Lausa, for example. And our zipcode was wrong. Signs of things to come? I hope not! Blessings on your appointment tomorrow.