Wednesday, February 17, 2010

After (nach) tanzen kommt schussing

I know that I don't have the spelling correct on my title to this entry, but it is a transliteration of a phrase that my father, descended from sturdy Swiss Germans in Schaffhausen, used to say. What it means is that after fun there will be a reckoning. And so it is.

I had a lovely time in Oahu. Hiked a bit one day. Went sailing for a half day. Travelled up to the North Shore another day. And then, MaryPat and I would make Mai Tais and lounge by the pool and in the evening, go out to dinner with our friend, TimP. Aloha and Mahalo, dear friends. I would like to see how long I could do that and not become bored. It might take a while.

However, the day before I returned to Seattle, I developed a cough that has progressed. And my voice has deteriorated. Add to that an increase in shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing this am, and that translates to moving up my CT scan date. No idea if it will be the 18th or 19th or if space will be found, but apparently my oncologist was concerned enough to do this.

Argh. At least before, I had another week to ignore it before I got truly stressed out by the possibilities, but now it's rather dire and in my face. At least I am back on the computer and able to find many things to distract my attention from this.

Chief among them is this video from the current president of my alma mater, which simply cements my identification with the quirky liberal arts college I enrolled in 40 years ago, because I got a full tuition scholarship. I received far more from the college than I ever suspected. Great friends (both students and faculty) and a first rate education, as well as numerous opportunities to try different things that I could not have done either at a large university or in the work place. So Macalester College--this is for you!

Oskie Wowow

PS: If you have not read this piece about Roger Ebert, please do. He is my inspiration.


Vivi said...

Welcome back to the Pacific Northwest! Thanks for the link to the Mac video -- I had skipped it before, thinking it only marketing gimmick. Which I suppose it is, but how clever and Mac-appropriate!

Keeping you in my thoughts -

(Amy in Portland)

Dorothy & Michael said...

You went to Macalester?! Wowser! That video made the rounds here at my office this morning, probably because I work at a liberal arts college, too, and Public Affairs is part of my division. That was an extremely well done video! We all loved it!

Hope the cough is not too bad and you're on the mend soon, moe!

moe99 said...

Dorothy, my oldest son went to Kenyon but transferred after freshman year to Macalester because he could not get on the swim team at Kenyon. So I have some knowledge of your liberal arts college, having been there for freshman convocation. Said son became captain of the Mac swim team his junior and senior year, and just loved the experience.

Anonymous said...

And you are an inspiration to many of your readers. Sounds like you had a wonderful respite from your treatments. I wish you the very best Moe!