Saturday, October 30, 2010

CT scan results 10/29/10

Good news!  The tumors continue to be stable, and one in the left lower lobe continues to shrink:

CT Chest With Contrast

restage lung cancer


CTB C1 Chest CT

Region of interest: Chest

Type of scan: Single phase spiral

Superior Extent: Base of Neck

Inferior Extent: Through Adrenal glands

Reformats: Coronal

Automated exposure control and statistical iterative reconstruction techniques substantially lowered patient radiation dose.


Decrease 1.7 cm left lower lobe nodule, previously 2 cm, image 99:

Series 3.
Stable 8 mm ill-defined ground-glass opacity in the left lower lobe,

image 66: Series 3.
Stable 5 mm nodule at the left lung base on image 92: Series 3.

No new pulmonary nodules are present.

Stable aortopulmonary window nodal mass measuring 2 cm. No axillary or hilar adenopathy is present.

Mild coronary artery calcifications are present. Heart size is normal.
Partially visualized portion of the abdomen is normal.

Right-sided port catheter terminates in the lower SVC.

No suspicious lytic or blastic osseous lesions are present.

1. Decreased 1.7 cm left lower lobe nodule, previously 2 cm. Remaining pulmonary nodules are stable. No new nodules are present.

2. Stable aortopulmonary window nodal mass measuring 2 cm, decreased since 09/16/2009.


Margaret said...

This is very good news. Take that malignant cells.

Mellodee said...

Any time I hear of someone getting the upper hand with Cancer, I just cheer!! Good for you! Keep up the good fight!

odp said...

This is even better news than if the Giants had won today! Great, fantastic, hooray for you!!

(does happy dance)


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Susan said...

So happy for you! And Scooter is just too darn cute with that cone, annoying though I'm sure it is :)