Monday, September 26, 2011

Operation Smile

I thought this was a wonderful video of a charity that does a great deal of good in the world. 

P.S.  Had a great time in Eugene.  Saw two superior concerts.  I had to work for an hour and a half to get a ticket to the Saturday night show because it was sold out.  Some very nice woman from Portland sold me one of her tickets.  Thank you Ms. Satterly!  I am sure that had my children seen me, they would have been embarrassed beyond belief to see me in the parking lot with my hand in the air.  But it was way worth it.  We think we saw Bill Walton there.

The young man who played lead guitar for Furthur (John K, formerly of the Dark Star Orchestra) can really play, and his voice is better than Jerry's.  (sorry Jerry, I still love you though).  It lets Phil and Bob relax and do their jobs, although Bob's vocal range is lower these days.    But Phil has become a much better singer than he was, and the backup singers and drummer and organist were first rate.

Sunday we visited a boutique distillery, 4 Spirits, in Corvallis, OR.  Right now, it's just getting off the ground, but the young owner is producing vodka with two labels:  WebFoot Vodka and Slap Tail Vodka.  Of course, they are tongue in cheek labels for the Univ. of Oregon and Oregon State crowd, but I am looking forward to trying them.

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