Friday, December 30, 2011

Endoscopy results in

I had the endoscopy today.  I don't have the written report, but the Gastroenterologist told me afterwards that I have a stricture in my esophagus caused by something pressing on it.  Probably the tumor.  Normal diameter for an adult esophagus is 2-3 cm.  At the stricture, the diameter of my esophagus is 1 cm.  So at least we have an explanation for the problem.  I think that they took some tissue samples to biopsy from the duodenum (the upper part of the intestine that a colonoscopy does not get), but I was still coming out from under the anesthesia, so my memory is somewhat fragmentary.  The doctor also discovered that I have a thrush infection in my esophagus.  No idea how long it has been lurking there.  I am on an antifungal to try to eradicate it. 

Most likely will have a stent put in to open up the esophageal stricture next week.


Anonymous said...

good to know what has been making you 'cowlike'. I am sure you have been told that antifungals can make you feel pretty awful, but good to get the thrush treated.
You are always in my prayers and best wishes.

odp said...

Here's to an uneventful opening of the esophagus, and a quick banishment of the thrush!

Nance said...

Hang in there, Moe. Always thinking about you.