Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Rev. Swaggert meet Rev Crouch

Jimmy Swaggert, the defrocked prostitute frolicking minister said the other day that if a homosexual so much as looked at him 'that way,' he'd kill him and take it to god. Turns out that per the LA Times, the Rev. Paul Crouch, a real greedy born again living in S. California, just settled a lawsuit accusing him of a homosexual encounter for $425K.

What say you that we introduce the two? A match made in heaven, no doubt.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you don't know for CERTAIN what goes on in their private lives.

you HEAR things and FEEL the need to share them with others.

don't you know that when you point the finger at others, that at some point someone will, point the finger at you?

having alot of time on our hands to investigate others is not always a worthly cause..

you just seem mean..

to much enjoyment sharing the faults of others..