Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Medical update

I wish there were more to share, but had a blood draw today and the results came back all within the expected ranges.  So that was good.  We met with Dr. R at Group Health, the new young doctor who has come up from Tacoma.  She seems very capable, but my daughter (bless her heart!) has been doing yoeman's work in pulling the strings in the system and my next round of chemotherapy, which starts next week, will be done at Seattle Cancer Care.  This is good news because I will be under the care of lung cancer specialists.  Once this next round (which is three weeks of paclitaxel once a week, then one week off) is over, I will have CT scans to see if there has been any effect on the tumors in my mediastinum and in my lungs.

Fingers and toes crossed.  I still have hair, but it is wispier and thinner than before.  We will see if I can make it to my Defiance High School reunion on July 31 without a wig.  Might as well give up on trying to impress anyone these days.


Katherine said...

You have always been and always will be impressive; am sure you will be so at your high school reunion. What would be really cool would be if you sport dress and make up from that era. I was wearing white lipstick and lavendar eyeshadow and clothes made out of Indian print bedspreads around then- I know you would look really cute in a similar get up.

Dan Matyola said...


I'm glad that the news is relatively good. I shall be thinking of you, and praying for you, as you enter the next round of chemo next week.

Defiance High School? Somehow that fits you.

Hang in there, and Live Strong.


Anonymous said...

"Might as well give up on trying to impress anyone these days."

With all due respect to your luxurious tresses, your grace and courage in facing your diagnosis are far more impressive than your hair ever was. I would anticipate that at least some of the yokels in Defiance will concur.

Leslie Allen said...

Absolutely. The way you have faced life (as described in your blog) and the way you are facing this cancer is very impressive.

Billy Joe said...

This yokel concurs.

Jolene said...

Rather than a wig, I recommend colorful scarves and flamboyant earrings. In the spirit of defiance and all.