Sunday, July 11, 2010

The new do, courtesy of chemotherapy

I've been blessed with very thick, very stubborn hair.  But in the past week the shedding got to the point, where I was clogging the drain up every morning and I was sick and tired of shedding worse than my black lab.  So Saturday my hairdresser, Odette, kindly agreed to come to my house and shave my head.  I could have gone quietly but I decided that I preferred going out with a bang, so I invited some dear friends from Seattle plus Pam, my friend from Chicago, and my darling daughter.  I bought two bottles of champagne and Jane made brownies and Odette brought wonderful cherries and strawberries, so we could celebrate the demise of my hair in style.  My friend, Spot, brought me a bottle of Gilmore's Hair Restorer that she found in a crawlspace of their older home when they redid it a few years ago. Last time it appears to have been marketed was in the '40's before the FDA shut them down.  Can't wait to try it!  Here we are pre haircut:

Here is Odette, determining that I did not need to go entirely bald because I had a very nice undergrowth of fine new hair we could at least live with for a while until the next round of chemo knocks it out:

And here is the finished product with glasses:

And with my daughter:

It's a number 4 buzz cut as far as I can tell. 


Dan Matyola said...

I am simply inn awe of the way you have maintained your spirit and sense of humor throughout this long and difficult battle.

All your friends, real and virtual, are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


The Subtle Rudder said...

Rock that crew, Moe!

Madeleine Conway said...

It's a great haircut, and that final pic of you and your daughter is lovely - you both have the same fabulous smile.

Thinking of you.

Leslie Allen said...

Looks great! Perfect timing for the heat, huh?