Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whistling past the graveyard

The food disposal gave up the ghost last night. 


odp said...

To put a marginally positive spin on this, maybe it's time to compost!

moe99 said...

We compost already and we can even compost meat remains courtesy of the city, whose facilities heat the waste hot enough to cure it sufficiently. It's just that with the holiday upon us, I do use it a bit with all the cooking going on. Damn.

odp said...

It's a crying shame!! (I remember the disposal at our house in San Diego -- rotted from the inside out before we'd lived in the house 5 years.)

Hope you can get a new one?

Katherine said...

Oh I am sorry! We always talk about the dream of home ownership but sometimes it is highly overrated. Here's hoping Santa gives you a large bag of extended warranties for Christmas.
Love, Katy