Friday, February 25, 2011

Credit Card Fraud

I made it back from Kona, unfortunately.  It was snowing as we landed--just the sort of thing to make me feel at home.  A number of the folks on the plane yelled out "Turn Back!" at the time.  Could not have agreed more.  There were  folks in shorts and flip flops, or less, at baggage claim  and they sure looked cold.

But I'm here and dealing with regular life. Had my third clinical trial infusion yesterday.  It went well but as I'd had only 5 hours of sleep courtesy of my late arrival, I napped in the afternoon.  I am just starting to feel back to normal.

One thing I was dealing with before I left for vacation was a charge that I did not authorize on my mileage credit card.  I had been using it more than normal during the holidays, so I checked the statement to make sure that the returns were credited.  When I did so a charge jumped out at me--$108 for something called "Hospice of St. John" in Lakewood, CO.  I have never heard of this outfit before or since.  So I initiated a dispute with the credit card company.  Today I got word that it's been turned into a fraud investigation.  So, I would urge all of you to be vigilant and check your bank and credit card statements closely.  This is an ever present danger.

More later!


Laura said...

Welcome home--back to reality. I always review my cc statements carefully. There are so many crooks out there and they get smarter all the time!

Deborah said...

Welcome home! Ahh the fraud stuff...I just had a automated call on my cell phone saying "This is Washington Mutual. Please press "1" to talk with our security dept about your credit card." Hello...WaMu rising from the dead? Sheez!

Malia said...

Welcome back, and hope you had a wonderful vacation!