Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Pandora Find

When I was in Hawaii, our friend Tim introduced me to http://www.pandora.com/.  It's a wonderful website where you can put in a favorite group and it pulls up artists that are similar musically.  Tim had put in Van Morrison so we had a great time listening to not only Van Morrison but Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and others on the back verandah while we were relaxing and looking across the bay trying to see whales or spinner dolphins.

When I came home this weekend, I logged on to Pandora and put in the California Guitar Trio as a place to start.  The comparables that Pandora came up with were wonderful--musicians I had no clue about.  So far my favorite is a guitarist named Preston Reed.  He has a very distinctive style.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


Dorothy said...

Moe we had an advertisement from Pandora when we bought our new sound system in November. When our daughter came to visit after Mike's cancer surgery in January, she got us started with Pandora and now we LOVE it! Van Morrison is on my list as well. Our daughter introduced us to a British group that she likes, and we like them too. Give them a try - Mumford and Sons.

Aaron Johnson said...

Glad you found Pandora! I have the app on my iTouch and its really great!

Virginia said...

This is fantastic. Tried to set it up but it looks like there are licensing probs outside the US so I will have to get it via you! They are working on it though.