Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ct scan Saturday

My daughter, Sarah, the saint, went with me today to my ct scans.  She kept me in good humor with her teasing then we came home and finished the first season of Glee together.  A wonderful mother/daughter bonding experience.  Now comes the wait for the radiologist report.

As we do, I invite you to watch this video.  It is a veritable mindbender, the combination of two very different genres, but incredibly moving. Please double click on the screen to get the full effect :

Thanks to Cat on the Dunnett openforum yahoo list for the recommend.


swisstraveler said...

I am holding my fingers crossed too and hope for a good outcome. Like you, I thing that Cat's video is just great. Madeleine

Malia said...

the video was amazing. Am holding you in my thoughts and prayers.