Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Blue Walk--on the Riviera in SE France

I have a dear friend, Carlo, who I used to work with in the AG's office.  We did travel fraud cases together.  She would put together the arbitration/mediations as part of settling with companies that I sued for violating the Washington Consumer Protection Act and the Travel Sellers' Act.  She was very, very good at this.  But, unfortunately, both of us eventually went our separate ways and she is now based in San Diego with her own travel agency.  One thing that she and I shared was a love of things French--in 2002 she found a tour for me where I went to the Languedoc region of the country and spent a week with my friend Mary Pat, hiking the back country, getting lost and finding our way back to where we were to meet our taxi by the end of the day and eating good food and drinking good wine.  An experience that is worth writing about at some point.

But the point today is that Carlo has a new venture out called The Blue Walk.  It is a one week guided or self guided (for a little bit less) tour of the French Riviera from the Italian border to Menton.  You are based in a lovely 3 star hotel in Nice and travel out each day to a new site to hike and enjoy all that the area has to offer.  And if you are like me, and can't read a map very well, you would probably enjoy the guided tour,  since you don't have to worry about getting lost.  In addition it comes with a 7 day French rail pass, so you can walk as much or as little as you want at the various stops--typically 3 hours a day,  In the sun, next to the Mediterranean.  With all that great French food and wine.  What could be better?  There are two hikes in September that have openings, if any of you are interested.  I can highly recommend Carlo as a wonderful and entertaining guide and host.

I hope to go next fall and if there are any of you who would like to go with me then, please let me know and we can make plans.  But do, please, check it out.  It is a memorable vacation.

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Stephanie said...

I've taken a guided walk of the south of Portugal (with two Portuguese guides!) and a self guided hike through Tuscany (up and down to stay in multiple hill towns) and loved both of them!

I'd love to imagine hiking in France as well, or Spain. I look forward to your trip write up.