Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not so good news

It appears that some tough choices will be made tomorrow.  The ct scans essentially showed that the old tumors are either dead or stable, but there is a renal abnormality that my oncologist thinks is of questionable significance but is enough to (a) be a cause of concern about metastasis and (b) probably sufficient to toss me out ot the clinical trial.

Here is the read from the radiologist's report:

Kidney: There is a round hypodensity in the right kidney seen on
image 4/78. It measures 8 mm in diameter, compared to 6 mm in
diameter from the previous study of May 28, 2011. On the study from
March 8, 2011, there is a renal lesion measured 2 mm. There is
progressive growth makes this lesion suspicious for metastatic disease.

I should find out tomorrow about the clinical trial.  If I can no longer participate, it is unclear what, if any alternatives remain.  This is my fourth line treatment.  There are very few options remaining.


Lynn said...

I'm pulling for you, girl.

Terry said...

Hang in there, Regina. You are on my mind and in my heart.

Melanie said...

Dislike. :-( Love you.

Katherine Kelley said...

Of course, love and prayers abounding. Not to be too pollyannaish, but there is a sort of fifth (or first?) line of defense and that is that you are just a wonderful smart spirited person. I know it's not a defense against everything, but it ain't nothing either. I know that in this difficult time you are, nevertheless, flinching at my use of a double negative. More love and more prayers.

odp said...

Thoughts and prayers for you, Regina.

Stephanie said...

Perhaps your kidneys don't make stones, but pearls? Just thinking...
Wish you the best in whatever is next.