Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greenlake Wiener Dog Parade

Boy, did we have some fun this past Saturday at the Greenlake Wiener Dog Parade.  You can catch all the photos here.  Scooter and Truffle are No. 1 in the lineup, modelling their very chic Macalester College leashes.    We had over 30 dachshunds and their doting owners.  I have to say I was especially taken with the puppies and also a full sized dachshund named Nicholas, who has the finest confirmation I've ever seen on a dachshund of any size.

The next Greenlake parade is September 18 at 10am.  If the weather permits, I would love to have you come with me.  You just do not know how fun and chaotic it is to be surrounded by dachshunds of every color and size and temperament!

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Anonymous said...

what a hoot! thanks for the pic!