Monday, October 17, 2011

Update pre-Denver

Yesterday got up to see Seth and his girlfriend Angie off.  They are driving back to the Twin Cities.  Had a wonderful, but hectic time with them.  I hope I didn't wear them out .

But after they left I took myself to the emergency room at UW.  The lump on my back had developed an abscess and was bleeding and expelling pus, so I called my Dr. daughter and she told me to be seen.  So I did.  The ER doctor lanced the abscess and irrigated it then packed the wound in gauze and sent me home. No idea if it is a tumor or a cyst now.  Maybe a biopsy can eventually be done on the remnant.  I do have a meeting with an oncological surgeon for Nov. 1 to do just that.  But sometimes things get away from you.

Then today was my ct scans.  While drinking the ct contrast agent (which takes an hour), I did a deposition by telephone.  A great way to pass the time.  Far better than sitting around focusing on how bad the drink tastes.  Afterwards, went up to Dr. Martins' office and two nurses, Karen and Heather repacked my wound.  This time without lidocaine.  Ouch.

But just to balance things out, the ct scan results indicate that the tumors are stable or shrinking a bit.  So there's a bit of celebration before heading off to Denver this evening.

More later.


Deborah said...

So, did drinking the gadolinium make the deposition more fun too? You really know how to make work fun!! Have a great time in Denver with Mary Pat, grooving on the good news of the latest ct scans.
Love & travelling mercies, Spot

Anonymous said...

Yay on stable or shrinking.

Yay for Denver!

Prayers and best wishes,

odp said...

Woo-hoo! Good for the results on the CT scan.

And good wishes for Denver.

Love and prayers always,

Stephanie said...

Gadolinium contrast for a CTscan? Not a barium smoothie in such delightful options as mixed berry, vanilla, or banana? (Mocha was an option once.)

I get contrast dye as well, but that is injected into the IV during the scan, and makes me feel all warm inside (like peeing in your pants!)

Happy travels - be safe, get some valuable news.

Anonymous said...

Wow, stable or shrinking!
Lots of prayers with you, as always.

Dan Matyola said...

Sorry you had to deal with the abscess, but the CT Scan certainly qualifies as a welcome bit of good news.

I hope everything go well in Denver.


Janet said...

Are there any updates on Denver? I'm hoping that things went well there.


moe99 said...

Will post a full description when I get the results back. The paraffin block containing my tumor did not get to Colorado until Tuesday of this week. More as is known