Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A lump in my throat

Over the past few days my throat has become a bit more inflamed and swollen. Not sure why, perhaps it's my stupendous weight loss program, but I am going in to have the oncologist check it out tomorrow. It constantly feels like I have a small platform resting on my esophagus and swallowing is a bit more difficult. I just don't want it get worse.

Monday was the worst day so far in this journey. You know it's bad when you can't finish brushing your teeth for fear of an eruption. I know now what to expect for the next round of chemo and maybe will request to be knocked unconscious for the first day without steroids (small, wan grin). So maybe the trolls didn't win but they scored deeply.


Anonymous said...


Sounds like the pits, wish it wasn't so hard on you.

odp said...

You have all my thoughts and prayers. Hope the throat gets to feeling better soon!

Is it ironic that the verification word for me on this comment box is "aglay" (not 'agley' but close enough).

Hang in there, o brave one!!

Read some QP for relaxation.

Susan said...

Healing thoughts and prayers from here as well ...

I really respect that you have the courage (and energy) to document this journey online.