Monday, November 09, 2009

"Thank you" does not fully cover it

On Sunday the husband of my friend, D, from work, and five of his friends came over from the eastside and cleaned up my yard in a very major way. They did this in 3 hours. It was an amazing gift.

They showed up at 10 am to my house armed with blowers, rakes, and other gardening implements of destruction. It sounded a bit like WW3 as motors were revved up, leaves were put in their place, weeds were pulled, dirt was hauled, roofs were cleaned, a fence was pulled, and trees and shrubbery were trimmed.

My youngest joined in the melee, going back to the store for more lawn bags when needed. He was quite taken with the efficacy of the blowers--plus I think the noise made it a 'guy' sort of thing as well.

They broke halfway through for Noah's bagels and Top Pot donuts I had picked up earlier in the morning together with hot cider and/or coffee, then it was back to work. By 1 pm they loaded everything back in their trucks/cars, we took the attached photos to celebrate, and they went off to the Roanoke to watch the Seahawks victory on television. And left me 16 lawn bags, 4 large garbage containers, and my yard waste container completely full. It was truly a thing of efficiency and beauty. I kept going out to the front of my house after they were gone to marvel at how clean and trim it all looked. Even in the dark it was a wonderful sight.

Thank you guys. This was extra special.


Jolene said...

This is great. Am glad you have these good people nearby.

blue girl said...

What wonderful friends you have, Moe!

Susan said...

How wonderful! Also, it's nice to see you to put a face with a name. You look great!