Friday, May 21, 2010

Dogs update

As many of you know, I am currently mom to three dogs: Max the black lab and two miniature dachshunds, Scooter and Truffle.

In April the dachshunds had  time at the veterinarian's.  Scooter had bladder stone removal surgery and Truffle had ringworm treated  I've written about those.  But Max also made a trip in May.  He had surgery to remove a growth on his eyelid that was interfering with his sight.  Aging labs are prone to fatty growths under their skin.  He has several on his trunk but they don't seem to interfere with day to day activities.  This growth made his eye constantly red and it looked painful.  So in he went.  I was offered a cone of shame after the surgery to make sure he didn't bother it.  I declined because I didn't think he really could reach it. 

What I didn't figure on was 10 lb Truffle and her 'helpful' cleaning ways.  She likes to lick Max's face and ears for him, and has been doing this for many months.  I think it's part of her way to ingratiate herself as the new dog but also as the only female, I think she's taken it upon herself to make sure the boys are looking their best.  So we had a number of set tos when she tried to clean Max's eye for him.  Her feelings got hurt when I yelled at her, and she would go off to pout, which she does ever so well.  Must've learned it from me.  I can remember my mom telling me when I was little, that my lip was stuck so far out that a little bird would come sit on it.  If Truffle had lips I would've said it to her.

Max also now needs to get up in the middle of the night and go outdoors.  I can identify with those middle of the night excursions.  But I wish he would coordinate better with me, because I'm not getting my beauty rest as a result.

And Truffle has turned to a new occupation.  She is pulling back the corner of my oriental carpet and shredding the binding underneath.   Can't win for losing.

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