Monday, May 10, 2010

Surgery set for 1pm Wednesday, if

I get over this bad cold.  Home today running a 100 degree temperature and all the aches and pains that normally come with a cold.  In thinking back, however, this is the first one of any severity I can recall since my diagnosis.  So, fingers crossed that I will be recovered sufficiently Wednesday to have the lymph node excised so the EGFR mutation testing can be done.  It seems that UW can do the testing and get the results back in 5 days.  Hopefully we will know something more by next week.

If the EGFR mutation comes back negative, then they will check to see if my tumor is positive for something called the ALK mutation.  This study shows exciting promise for a small subset of NSCLC cancer patients, and it is becoming more widely available thanks to money from the stimulus bill.  So now you can say that you know of one good thing the stimulus bill funded!

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Anonymous said...

Hope that you have recovered enough from your cold to have the biopsy today. So glad that you finally prevailed and have gotten a second opinion from SCCA. Wish it had been less of an ordeal for you to do so. Sending many positive thoughts your way. Much love.