Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Second Opinion at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Friday

I notified Group Health last Friday that I would be seeking a second opinion.  And without waiting for their ok, I called Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and set up the appointment with Dr. M. 

Hell, if I can spare $1000 for Scooter's surgery, I can do the same for me.  But it seems, at least from an email received on Monday from GH,  that GH will pay for this time.  Like Aladdin, I have three 'free' second opinions  as a part of my GH insurance.  This will be my second, second opinion.  Can't get a referral for ongoing treatment from a lung cancer specialist when there is no lung cancer specialist on staff, but I can get a second opinion.

So I hope that this appointment leads to a more aggressive approach, and some thinking outside the box.  My daughter is taking her pediatrics exam early tomorrow in Pocatello, ID,  and then driving for 12 hours back to Seattle, so she can attend with Diane and me.  Fingers crossed she will make it safely.


Leslie Allen said...

Fantastic news about getting your second second opinion covered by GH!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, tomorrow, Regina. Dr. M is shockingly handsome. I hope he treats you in a handsome manner. I'll be thinking of you.