Thursday, June 03, 2010

Back to Square One

This morning, having heard nothing about the ALK rearrangment test, I emailed Dr. M at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, rather than contact Group Health.  This was because I have not yet received any word from Group Health about the EGFR test, and those results were available last Friday.  So I figured that if they had not reported to me something that was available almost a week ago, they probably would not have the test results for the ALK testing.

Within a half hour of my email, Dr. M called me back.  Unfortunately the ALK test was negative. For me to participate in the clinical trial, it had to be positive.  I asked Dr. M, when the test results had come back.  He said on Tuesday.  But, again, I had and have received no word from Group Health on the results of either test.  I have no idea how long I would have had to wait to get the results from Group Health.  But it is clear that they did not contact the UW to obtain the results.

So I am back at the begininning, with no treatment plan.  And back with a health care provider that has been incredibly unresponsive, one that I do not trust to look our for my best interests.


odp said...

So you're saying the ALK test was negative (since you already knew from Dr. M that the EGFR test was negative)? And GH has still not seen fit to inform you, so that you can talk to someone about the next course of action?

Obviously, "Group Health" is a misnomer.

What can you do with Dr. M.'s help?

I'm ready to tear my hair out at this. I suppose if I wrote a nasty letter to Group Health, they'd tell me it was none of my business...

More prayers on their way to you!


Terry said...

Regina, this really sucks. Not just that you don't qualify for the trial; that's bad enough. But the way "Group Health" is treating you. I know you know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so just keep squeaking, okay?