Friday, June 18, 2010

What I will do with my Hair

I will donate it to making an oil booms and mats to soak up oil on the Gulf.  The above is a picture of some of the mats that are made from donated hair.  And they work better than conventional booms.

Truly.  <--Watch the you tube video I've attached here.

Go to and look at the wonderful things that they are doing to construct better oil booms for the Gulf oil spill.  It is awe inspiring.  And then talk to your hair salon about collecting their hair leftovers and putting them in a plastic bag and then putting the bag into a box and mailing it to matteroftrust.  The sign up address is here for individuals and businesses.  And they take animal hair as well, which is great because Max, my hairy labrador retriever has been shedding like there's no tomorrow.  In fact there's probably more of his hair there than there will be of mine.

It's the least I can do.

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Anonymous said...

Really--will they take cat hair? I may be able to save the gulf with all the fur around my house! The dogs are shedding too!