Saturday, June 26, 2010

Passing the Kentucky Bar, October, 1976

Here I am posing with the other new attorneys in the Kentucky Attorney General's office after word that we had passed the bar came out.  Behind us is the then Kentucky Attorney General, Bob Stephens.  To our right is the then clerk of the Kentucky Supreme Court, Martha Layne Collins.  Stephens eventually ended up on the Kentucky Supreme Court and Collins was the governor of Kentucky.  To my left is my friend, Bill Mohr and to my right is a fellow whose last name was Goldberg but who I didn't know very well.

Bob Stephens was a real charmer with the ladies.  In April, 1989  1984, Kentucky was in the final four of the NCAA basketball championship at the Kingdome in Seattle.  The day before the championship started, I got a call from the blue at my office at the Seattle Regional office of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and it went something like this:  "Gina, this is Bob.  Bob Stephens.  Ahm in town for the Wildcats and I was wonderin' if you could have dinner with me tomorrow night?"  I responded that I would have to check with my husband. "You're married?  Well, I'll see you.  Bye."  Click.

Great hilarity ensued.


alphawoman said...

Kentucky in the final four in 89? the year that put the nails in the coffin of Eddie Sutton? Really enjoying your memories.

moe99 said...

You're right, I went back and checked and the year that the Final Four was in Seattle when Kentucky was in it was in 1984--makes sense because I had just started the year before at the SEC. So I will change it. Thanks!!