Friday, September 17, 2010

Max will have his surgery today

Max goes in at noon today for the operation to improve his breathing.  The surgeon will tie back one of his vocal cords, which will open up his airway and permit him to breathe normally.  There is around a 10% risk that there will be complications, such as the vocal cords will be too soft to tie back, or that he will develop pneumonia as a result of the surgery.    Fingers crossed that he comes through and  can resume a more active lifestyle. 

I've been combing through the family pictures looking for more of Max and I have found very few that really show him--partly because of his dark color but also because of his personality.  He has always been a rather retiring personality, not given much for hogging the limelight.  Max  barks (no longer an option after surgery) to let me know one or both of the dachshunds have taken over his bed and he wants me to shoo them off so he can lie down.   He even gives them first choice on food, if I don't step in and supervise.  

He was the Christmas puppy in 1997, which made it the best Christmas ever for me.  I think I was more excited than the kids were.  Let's hope he has a few more Christmases to share with us.


odp said...

All good wishes and hopes for a successful operation and a speedy recovery for Max! Animal companions are the best!

moe99 said...

The vet called 13 minutes ago and the surgery went just great! Barring further unlikely complications, Max should be home tomorrow afternoon!

od[ said...


Margaret said...

Good to hear that Max came through surgery well. He certainly is a noble animal.

Susan said...

Praying for you *and* Max - so glad he came through well!