Saturday, November 06, 2010

The American College of Physicians Luncheon Nov. 5

The Washington Chapter of the American College of Physicians held its Annual Meeting this weekend.  Their awards luncheon was Friday where Sarah received the Outstanding Medical Student of the Year.  I was so proud of my daughter.   Dr. Doug Paauw from the University of Washington, presented the award and I will never forget his last words about Sarah:  "she has a heart of gold and the soul of a healer." 

Sarah's dad, Dr. Paauw, Sarah, me

P.S.  I discovered at the luncheon, that Dr. Pauuw is a 1980 graduate of Macalester College.  Just as I and Sarah's father are.  Go Oski Wow Wow!


Dan Matyola said...

Congratulations again to Sarah and her Mom.


Mellodee said...

Oh what a special honor! It used to be damned difficult, almost impossible,for a woman to even be allowed to go to Medical School. How very proud you must be!

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, medical students have been more likely to be recognized for their academic achievement and/or potential as researchers than for their compassion and character. Well done, University of Washington! Well done, Dr. M!

And especially well done, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You look like you are (rightfully) bursting with pride. What a tremendous honor for your family--and what a nice way to cap off a week that began with the good news on the 29th!

--Janet B.

Anonymous said...

We need more doctors like her. Nothing better than a heart of gold and the soul of a healer. You all look glowing in the picture. Bonnie