Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hanging Fire

I had my latest CT scan early Monday morning.  In the past, I usually have received the results the same day, even if a bit late.  Not this time, despite an email request to my oncologist.  Of course, this only makes my mind go into overdrive, worrying about what the silence actually means.   I have an appointment on Thursday preparatory to beginning chemo again (remember 3 weeks on, 1 week off), so I am sure that I will learn the results then.  However, I'd prefer to know beforehand so I don't burst into tears at the doctor's office, if the news is bad.  Just hate to display emotion in that context.

postscript:  two of the tumors have grown from October.  The increase is "not dramatic" but the radiologists are convinced that there is growth.  Will learn tomorrow what the options are.


odp said...

Fingers crossed; prayers said; gift to Madame Pele made. Virtual hugs coming your way. Hang in there!

Courtney said...

sorry to hear that! Let us know how the doctor's appointment the meantime lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way!

Dan Matyola said...

Sorry to hear that, but at least there is no "dramatic" growth, whatever that means.

We know you are a fighter and will continue to overcome all obstacles and setbacks. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.