Sunday, May 08, 2011

LungWalk 2011 a big success weather and otherwise

I'm a week late posting our fabulous LungWalk news.  The very next day after the walk, I had a two day hearing in Everett.  And that combined with my infusion on Thursday and a brunch to celebrate my daughter's graduation from medical school yesterday  had me hopping.

But back to the good news:  DeFeet Lung Cancer was the fifth highest team, raising $1985 for the Lung Association of Washington!  You guys rock!  Thank you ever so much.  Seven of our nine team members braved the blinding sunshine and balmy temperatures, and made it to the walk (we missed you Peter and Spot!).  The circular route around Magnuson took us next to the off leash dog area and I promised Scooter and Truffle that we would come back again to retrieve water balls.

Thanks to my team:

Anne H.
Eric (and Atticus)

And thanks to our generous donors who were with us in spirit:

Anne G.
Ann S.
Bill H.
Janet B.
Lillian and Kim
Dan M.
Pam P.
Olive D.
Diana C.
Leslie Allen

I so appreciate everyone's faith and support.

Now for a bit of news.  Lately I've been hearing a whistling sound when I breathe.  Of course, I jumped to dire conclusions, but my lungs checked out just fine with a stethoscope at the oncologists.  However, the whistling continued, especially when I was lying down on my left side at night.  Took me two weeks to finally figure it out, but I think the  implant that was installed back in January, 2010, has separated from my paralyzed vocal cord.  Hopefully, I will hear from the ENT's office at UW medical center this coming week,  Then it will be on to a bronchoscopy and probably more intrusive surgery on my throat if a repair is possible.  Maybe this time they could give my a chin lift too!  I don't think that's too much to ask.

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Dan Matyola said...

Congratulations, Regina, you did a great job on the walk.

I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.