Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Funny

My radiation treatment was set for 4:30 today with an appointment with my radiation oncologist, Dr. Halasz (I swear I will spell her name right one of these days).  My big days will be Tuesday, all day with gamma knife radiation at Harborview. And on Wednesday they may finally install a stent in my esophagus but that may be too much too soon as they will also be continuing the 2 weeks of radiation to my shoulder and chest then.

Again, the appointment was over an hour late.  We whiled the time away, reading and playing Words with Friends.  Luckily, once I was strapped in and properly positioned, it took ten minutes.  Far less claustrophobic!  Afterwards, we went out to dinner at Gaudi, a wonderful tapas restaurant (for all you Seattle residents) on 55th NE  Highly recommend.  Then home to a quiet evening.


Got home, and the cover to the mocha that my friend Anne had brought me was on the living room rug. I had placed it on the coffee table.  Then further investigation showed that the cup was on its side on the rug completely empty.  It seems that Truffle, again the chocolate addict, and undoubetedly aided and abetted by big boy Scooter, had lifted it off the low slung  coffee table and neatly, ever so neatly had licked it all up.  I can't find a drop on the carpet.

I expect it might be a long night tonight.....

The culprits looking all innocent.

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