Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tattoos Tomorrow!

Went to the radiation oncologist at University of WA today.  Looked at the CT scan from last Friday and it's clear that there is no pleural effusion, that the shortness of breath seems to be coming from the growth of several mediastinal nodes, and boy, is the jugular vein compressed at one point along the left side of my neck!

So the schedule is this:  ten days of radiation to the neck and chest, interrupted next Tuesday by the gamma knife radiation to my brain.  Today they made a mask for my face to hold it in place properly while they run the radiation on the side of my neck.  They ran the template under hot water and then formed it to my face.  It looks like this:

Maybe I can join a fencing team later.  They also marked where they are going to put the tattoos on my chest,  to better position and direct the radiation.  So I should be quite cool after this.  The first radiation treatment, which will take a bit longer than the others, will be at 4pm tomorrow.  I have been given, shall we say, very strong pain medications to deal with the possible side effects of the radiation, but the Dr. Halazh is predicting that the worst effect will be a sore throat.  We shall see.


odp said...

Do't forget your epée! Good thoughts wafting your way.
As ever,

Deborah said...

Golly - a cool mask AND tattoos too! How lucky can you get?!? Well, let's go for VERY lucky, and throwing in some big prayers to boot. Love, love, love raining down on you big time for the upcoming 10 days, and always. Spot

Anonymous said...

My brother in law had one of these, the first I had ever seen. He was not given a very good prognosis, but is doing well now and back to biking 50 miles or more at a time. Bonnie