Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giving Voice

It seems that my voice is coming back. It's 4 days post surgery and I have volume and can vary the tone. It is nowhere near where it used to be, but it is a great improvement from what I have lived with for the past 5 months. And for that I am grateful.

But even in the midst of my own problems, there are many more who are sadly in a far worse situation. I donated to Doctors without Borders today for the people of Haiti. So much suffering. The photographs and the stories are heartrending. There are many, many good charities out there who can use our money, but you might want to check to make sure that they give the majority of their donations to the intended recipients, and not to administrative costs. Charity Watch is one place you can use to make sure your dollars are being well spent. I will note (in a bit of sect promotion as I have been presbyterian these past 19 years) that Presbyterian Disaster Relief Assistance partners with Church World Service internationally and it is "A" rated by this organization.

Blessings on all of you who have given and will give. This is truly a difficult time, but one that brings us closer together.

PS: text messaging donations are quick, but current practice is that the money is provided to the charity, after the cell phone bill is paid. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...


So glad to read your voice is improved. You've been such a trooper through all this.

I gave some money to CARE today; they have an existing presence in Haiti, and seem like they could put it to use quickly.

All the best,

John Casey

Deborah said...

Hurray! May your voice be heard!!

Jolene said...

Great news, Moe. Hope things continue to move in a good direction.

Nimble said...

More voice is good. Glad to hear about it!

odp said...

I hear the cell phone companies are now fronting the money (or at least some of them, for some charities).