Friday, January 08, 2010

Vocal cord implantation set for this Monday

I met with an otolaryngologist at Group Health in Bellevue, Dr. S. And his operating team was able to fit me into his operating schedule for Monday at 6:00 am. So hat's off to them!! For me, this is terribly exciting news because it means I stand a good chance of getting my voice back. At least in part.

He will inject the paralyzed vocal cord with a substance other than collagen. I think it is Radiesse or calcium hydroxylapatite, which will expand the paralyzed vocal cord out, so that my functioning vocal cord can close the gap and I can speak normally, rather than in the raspy whisper that I have been communicating with since late August of this year. And, as long as I don't hold my standards too high, I may also be able to sing again. This substance, if properly done, will last two years, which is longer than the collagen would last. And should not cause adverse reactions, which teflon, which they used to use for these type of injections, did.

There's another article about this procedure here. It has a picture of what true left cord vocal paralysis looks like, which I won't reproduce on these pages, just in case there are some who are faint of heart.

Fingers crossed for Monday.


Margaret Westin said...

That's great news. Nothing like being able to sing for a sense of well being. Here's to successful surgery. Margaret

blue girl said...

Good luck, Moe! Thinking of you and always wishing you the best.

Deborah said...

This is excellent news - so good that they were able to fit you in so quickly!! (And amazing to see the vocal cord pix and hear the pre/post op voice. Golly but that Internet thang sure is remarkable.)

odp said...

Fantastic!! Here's to getting back to singing!! Best wishes, as usual.

Amanda Goss said...

Here's hoping for singing in the rain! I'll send positive thoughts on Monday. I hope all goes well.

Donna Fisher said...

Fingers AND toes crossed!

MtBikerMike said...

Read this at 5:22 a.m. Monday... you're being prepped as I type... I'll be thinking of you all day long and will plan on you dictating your next post in song.

You continue to inspire. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Regina, I am glad your surgery went well. I hope that your voice continues to improve as predicted.

I loved the bumper stickers !!!!