Friday, January 22, 2010

Odds and Ends for 50, Alex.

It's been a well of a heek, hasn't it?

I like this suggestion for Health Care Reform. I hope someone shows it to the Democrats.

Also as a follow up to my post about lung cancer being the ugly stepchild in cancer funding and research, is this confirming article.

I continue to have a voice, and although it is not strong enough to sing, I can make myself heard across a room. Not loud enough to yell for the dog who ran away last Friday night, however. Max, the 12 year old escape artist, seen pooped out above. Luckily my son 'retrieved' him for me.

Finally, on Wed I woke up to a small swelling under my left arm that progressed to being extremely painful throughout the day. I called my daughter that evening and she very kindly came over, took a look at it and said, "Mom, it's a pimple." So the Tarceva is working quite well in producing all those attractive side effects. What we won't know til late in February with the next set of CT scans, is whether it has been holding the cancer at bay.

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