Monday, April 19, 2010

DeFeet Lung Cancer

Oh I know.  That's lame.  But it's the name of the team I formed for the Lung Walk.  So any and all who want to walk with me around the beautiful University of Washington campus Sunday May 2, should join up. Click the title of this post and you will be taken to the team website.

The event kicks off at 9:30am in Red Square, so I am thinking we should be there a bit before--say 9am or so.  If you sign up, you even get a tshirt for a modest donation.  I've set a goal of $500 in fundraising and 10 team members (but if my dear generous readers meet this goal, I may set it higher).   Many thanks to friends Katy, Ann, Olive and Janet who have already contributed to the cause and will be there in spirit.  And intrepid team members Susan, Diane, and Andrea.  You RAWK!

Update:  we're no. 3 in terms of money raised last week.  Cool beans guys!

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