Monday, April 12, 2010

What are you doing May 2d?

I'll be doing something a bit new to me. I'll be participating in the Lung Walk, sponsored by the American Lung Association. My friend Andrea mentioned it to me, so I signed up tonight. Although the American Lung Association spreads itself pretty thin covering all the possible things that can go wrong with lungs, it still does some very good work in the area of lung cancer.

Do you want to walk with me? If I get enough folks who don't mind spending a Sunday morning walking around the University of Washington campus with me, we could have a team. And make up a cool team name like Moe's Misbegotten. Or, if you can't make it because of distance, you could consider donating a few bucks. I'm not really a very good fundraiser, am I? I'll work on that in the coming months.

Here's the website to sign up. It would be wonderful to see you all. And we get tshirts!! That means I can replace the one I had made almost 30 years ago that reads: "Dog being walked against Reagan." Some things never change, do they?

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