Monday, April 12, 2010

Scooter update and Truffle too!

I picked Scooter up Saturday morning and he was very glad to see me. But he was definitely recuperating, moving a bit more gingerly than is his normal pattern. Usually when I slide open the door from the kitchen to my deck he is barking furiously and springs off the deck to the ground below, all the better to catch the squirrels that he is sure are lurking around the bird feeders in the back. Well, he's taking the stairs these days and not barking quite so much.

But not to be outdone, Truffle has ringworm! Ringworm, I learned, is not a parasite but a fungal infection. So, I took Truffle to NE Veterinary this am and the vet pulled some hair in the discolored circle about the size of a quarter that has formed on her back. The ringworm will not be fully confirmed until the testing is complete, but in the interim, I am to give her topical antibiotics on the infected site twice a day. That's easy. I just give Scooter his oral antibiotics then too. Add in my athlete's foot meds and we're all just one happy family here.

Good thing Max seems to be doing fine (knock on wood).

Happy Monday to everyone.

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