Friday, August 27, 2010

Chemo Update: End of Third Round

I had my third  paclitaxel infusion for round three this past Monday at Seattle Cancer Care.  This coming week is my week off chemotherapy, although I have a CT scan scheduled for Friday September 3.  Dr. M. recommends CT scans every two months at this point to ascertain the status of my lung tumors.  Hopefully the neck tumors remain non existent.  Medicine considers a 30% reduction to be success in this regard, but as long as the tumors do not grow, I will be content.

I continue to be free of neuropathy and nausea.  The fatigue seems greater this week, but perhaps it is in part due to walking around Greenlake twice on Tuesday!  My church friends have been so kind, coming by this week to walk my dachshunds for me, but given my decent energy levels, I think it's time for me to step in and take charge, except for chemo days. 

Max, my older black lab, continues fairly well, particularly as the cooler weather has helped his breathing.  The operation to tie back one of his paralyzed vocal cords would cost between $2-3,000, so for now, I am going with leaving well enough alone.  He enjoys his smaller walks, and it's hard to explain to him why I don't throw the ball anymore.  But he is a patient, kind sort and he doesn't hold it against me.  Which is why dog is 'god' spelled backward.  If only I could be so good.

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Dan Matyola said...

Enjoy your "week off." You remain in our thought and prayers, especially regarding the results of the upcoming CT scan.

Don't dogs fill our lives with joy, even when they have problems of their own?