Friday, October 01, 2004

more debate comments pt 2

Here are a couple more misspeaks from the Leader in Thief from last night's debate:

1. Dont' forget Poland? WTF? Poland has called Bush on the lack of WMDs as being a fraud perpetrated to get us into this war. And their troops (such as they are) will be gone from Iraq at the end of the year. So, tell me why it is so important to remember Poland when counting up our allies on the ground w/ us in Iraq?

2. vociferously when the word choice should have been viciously. Hmmm.....

3. "Of course we're after Saddam Hussein, uh, Osama bin Laden."

4. the grimaces, the lipsmackings, the eyerollings, the muggings. I guess Shrub thought split shots would not be allowed. Silly him. He behaved worse than Al Gore w/ his sighs in 2000. But of course, he will not get called for it. Geo. Bush was always the kid who sat in the back of class throwing spit wads and smiling beatifically while denying it to the teacher.

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