Friday, October 01, 2004

Putting his girls on leashes?

I only heard part of the debate last night as I was attending one child's tennis match and taking the other to a dr's appointment, so most of my knowledge comes from reading the transcript.

But count me amazed at the following exchange:

KERRY: You begin to get a sense of what [having your father be president] means to your families. And it's tough. And so I acknowledge that his daughters -- I've watched them. I've chuckled a few times at some of their comments.
BUSH: I'm trying to put a leash on them.
KERRY: Well, I know. I've learned not to do that.

As a parent and as a dog owner, I find that appalling. Without going into the weird Abu Ghraib associations it brings up (I understand Andrew Sullivan who I generally detest has already done so), there are a couple of points that need to be made.

1) Mr. Bush, your daughters are adults now. They get to do whatever they want to do and all you get to do is grin and bear it. They did not choose to have a father in the public eye, that was your decision.

2) If you want them to behave better, perhaps you should have set a better example for them when they were young. Most kids' behavior is modeled on their parents' behavior, either mimicking or rebelling against. I won't speculate as to which camp Jenna and Bar's party hearty behavior has its roots in.

3) Leashes are only for dogs and only in leash only areas.

I fear for your family dog. I hope that you didn't go home and kick it last night.

moe, just returned from taking Scooter the wonder weiner dog out to barf in the backyard.

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