Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Walk that way

Over the past few months I've read the opinion of a number of commentators that one of the Shrub traits that they find offensive all by itself is Bush's swagger. Now, I have never seen Bush walk on television, mainly because I tend to turn it off when he comes on. Extends the life of the television set.

But buried in a long kos thread a few days ago, a poster by the name of DCdrone or DCinsider (something that gives the impression of a well-placed federal govt worker in the Capital),said that the inside the beltway rumor was that Bush has genital herpes and when it flares up, he tends to 'walk that way.' Now I am sure a thorough physical would either confirm or disprove this rumor, but guess what? Bush is not going to take his 2004 physical. How convenient. How history repeats itself.

moe, feeling malicious today

edit: Like any good lawyer, I feel more comfortable when I have the citations to back up my statements. Here is the info on Bush shrugging off his 2004 physical.


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