Friday, March 11, 2011

A Child Lost in Japan

My brother's partner posted this on his Facebook site tonight, I want to relay it to you, in hopes that someone might have a key to this.  As a parent, I can just imagine what they are going through:

Our very dear friends Todd and Kim Strumwasser have a son, Aaron, who is teaching English in Sendai, Japan, the EPICENTER of the earthquake. They have had no word from him yet. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY WAY TO CONTACT PEOPLE IN THAT CITY? PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you.

If any of you have ideas, please let me know.  Until then prayers are welcome.  Many, many thanks.

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odp said...

I can only offer prayers, but I have plenty of those. May he be found well soon. I hear that a lot of electricity is cut, and most cell phones are not working in the area, so he could be fine and just not able to contact his parents. I pray this is so.