Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It gets complicated

Just heard back from my oncologist, Dr. Martins.  He says "Some of the lesions on lymph nodes are now partially necrotic (dead). Sometimes there is even some increase in size when lesion become liquefied in the center." 

Here's the CT scan read. 

Stable aorticopulmonary window nodal conglomerate mass, now showing more necrosis.
Slight increase in size of left lower lobe posterior basal segment  nodule, also showing necrosis. Increase in size could be related to  treatment response.

Slightly more prominent cluster of nodules with associated scar in the left lower lobe.

No evidence of intraabdominal or pelvic metastatic disease.

Small stable indeterminate subcapsular liver lesion in segment 2.

Stable pelvic cystic lesion, for which differential diagnosis includes benign or malignant ovarian neoplasm. Further
characterization can be done by pelvic MRI.
More information tomorrow after meeting with Dr. Martins. 

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odp said...

Complicated, that's for sure. Let's hope Dr. Martins can clear some things up. Paragraphs 1 & 3 certainly seem positive. Two, four and 5 obviously need further explanation.

Go, Regina!!!

Rootin' and tootin' for you in San Rafael!