Monday, March 07, 2011


This is a term that I first saw used on  It aptly describes my state tonight as tomorrow I have ct scans scheduled.  The first cycle of the clinical trial has completed and now we find out if it has had any effect on my lung cancer.  However, even if the tumors have grown during this period, they will continue to keep me in the trial for at least one more cycle because they somehow need two cycles before they can feel confident that the MDX 1105 is either working or not.

So, in casting about for diversions tonight, I came across this Improv Everywhere spoof and wanted to share it with you.  It made me laugh out loud, not a mean feat given the circumstances.


odp said...

Fingers crossed and prayers said for you tomorrow!!

K Wray said...

I am so happy you found and shared this link. My college thesis project included a lot about Velasquez and his works so I immediately laughed. I needed to laugh to cut through my insomnia. Thanks!