Thursday, October 22, 2009


Now comes the waiting part. Chemotherapy will begin at 8:30 October 29th. In the meantime, I received a Vitamin B-12 shot yesterday and a bottle of folic acid pills that I am to take once a day for the week preceding the chemo. Then a twice daily dose of high level steroids the day before chemo and for two days afterwards. The first two steps are done to cushion the toxic damage on my body by the chemo, and the steroids are to make my body accept the chemo more readily so it can wreak its havoc on my 3 tumors. The pharmacist filling the prescriptions at Group Health said that the steroids will make me feel good and full of energy, and that when I stop taking them I will crash. So expect that to happen on Sunday November 1.

I also had the bloodwork done to check for the ovarian and lung cancer markers amd make sure my bood levels are high enough for the chemo. I have a vaginal ultrasound scheduled for next Monday at Bellevue (Group Health Central had no openings until Nov. 11!)and a mammogram this Saturday, that was postponed from earlier this month, when everyone in mammography was out sick with the flu. Not sure the port installation will permit the mammogram.

Waiting is difficult. Today I found a YouTube recording of Ensemble Alcatraz, a group based in San Francisco that performs vocal and instrumental music from the Middle Ages. I first heard them on a classical radio station 23 years ago when I was home on maternity leave with my oldest son. It made me sit up and call the station asking for the artist. I have been an avid fan ever since then. The song is embedded in the title--click on it to listen. Here is another, similar music track.


Late update: the blood test for the Oca 125 marker for ovarian cancer came back in the normal range. Good news!


Nimble said...

My husband has one of their CDs. Very intriguing music. Weird faux saint art on the cover too.

It would be great to press FF and see how things were going three months from now. Hoping you find good things to distract you while waiting.

Margaret said...

How goes the CD saga? I hope there's a chance for repair soon. We've had car repairs for two cars, washer dryer repair, and now a part fell off of the dishwasher, another one of those instances where the cost to repair roughly equals the cost to replace. That just seems wrong.