Friday, October 30, 2009

Wherein Truffle earns her moniker

Okay, so today was a bit draggy. In fact, I even went back and took a nap in the afternoon. The anti nausea oral meds worked up until about 11, when I started feeling queasy and popped another one. However, they've only given me enough meds to last me through tomorrow and that is making me nervous particularly because I can aspirate any vomitus so easily given the permanent open position of my vocal cords.

I emailed my oncologist's office late in the morning, but have not received a response. I called the consult nurse late in the afternoon and they were able to refill one of the Rxs but not the other one. So I will have to find a friend to go to GH Northgate tomorrow to pick it up for me.

In the meantime, my youngest dog was making a nuisance of herself. Somehow a box of Mrs. See's chocolates had been left on the coffee table in the living room, unknown to me. When I got up from my nap, I kept hearing this nose snuffling and ruffling of papers coming from there. Further investigation showed that my little 8.2 lb puppy, Truffle, had knocked the box down from the coffee table, manage to chew the lid off and either had daintily eaten several...truffles....or had licked a fair number of them. A quick call to my vets, NE Veterinary, which is just around the corner from where I live, thank goodness, got me in to an emergency appointment at around 4pm. We showed up with the box as Exhibit A and Dr. R and his vet tech took a look at puppy and box and decided that she Should just be kept under close observation and not made to vomit. Which, I can tell you eased my insides considerably. Because I am afraid of the cascade effect.....

So I perambulated home with Truffle in tow, stopping to play with Alice the next door golden retriever, and to greet another attorney, also named L, from work, who was bringing me more gifts and work related items so I can continue to work from home. Good to get out of the house during a period of relative warmth even though it was between rain showers. But this is Seattle in the fall, and we take what we get.

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The Subtle Rudder said...

Dogs are great at pulling dumb stunts that give you something else to worry about, when you've worried grooves into your own situation. Also, they're excellent for cuddling, a skill you'll appreciate in couchbound days to come. Thinking of you, Moe. Glad you got through yesterday; this next bit may be awful, but at least it's not waiting for awful.

PS: Cute pups.