Friday, October 23, 2009


I received a call from my treating oncologist late yesterday afternoon. He had returned from Colorado, and was slightly under the weather as a result of receiving the H1N1 mist vaccine on Wednesday. But our conversation was energetic and it was agreed that:

1) I start chemotherapy on October 29, 2009, using the formula prescribed by Dr. M at SCCA.

2) I will continue to take the folic acid supplements throughout the chemotherapy regime. The high dose steroids to be taken the day before and two days post chemotherapy should not pose a long term problem, given the restricted dosage, but I might be a bit energetic and/or grouchy on the days that I am taking them. I forgot to ask about water gain as well. Maybe I can increase my bench presses too.

3) The blood test for cancer markers for ovarian cancer and lung cancer both came back negative. "Well I guess I don't have lung cancer," I joked with Dr. N. Right.

4) I should try for the mammogram this Saturday even though the port insert continues to be a bit tender. I have a nice green/purple bruise going south from the insert as well.

There were other points of discussion, but I can't remember them right now. Expect editing of this entry as my memory returns.

At the last moment, yesterday a dear friend called and said that they had room that evening at the commons table of Art of the Table, in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. It is a prix fixe menu modelled on similar restaurants in the Bayonne region of France, where the chef trained. Click on this post's title to see the restaurant's home page.

It was a fabulous dinner, made from ingredients the chef had gathered from local farmers and artisans. Here is the menu:

Fall Into Autumn
October 22nd, 23rd & 24th

first course:
Roasted Garlic Soup,
Melted Leek Crostini

second course:
Roasted Chanterelle,
Butternut Squash Gnocchi,
Housemade Bacon

third course:
Braised Skagit River Ranch
Oxtail Cabbage Wrap,
Autumn Veggies,
Parsnip Puree, Crispy Shallots

last course:
Hazelnut Tart, Apple Compote,
House Made Laurel Ice Cream

Not included in the formal menu, was an appetizer composed of celeriac root with an aioli whose ingredients other than garlic, escape me (that pesky memory again), and a second "bouche amusante" which cleared the palate prior to the main, or third, course, that was a pear apple sorbet topped with currants and pieces of pickled lemon rind. The four of us sat at the commons table, and while not engaged in conversation among ourselves, got to meet a very nice young couple across from us. An evening reminiscent of a number of fine dinners I have enjoyed in France in times past. Julia Child would not have felt out of place there. Bon appetit!

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